Free Tutorials

Sometimes it’s hard to learn on how to use a medium tool just like Zbrush.

Some tutorials are great and are out there, for free, I cannot tell you enough on how great material you can already find via youtube and other learning sources. In that note I aim to add a little more on possible learning sources to new and intermediate users.

Videos are not online at the moment… will be as soon as possible.

Videos will be available in English and in Portuguese.


EPISODE 04                                                                      Zbrush-Basic Renderingskt_by_sergiosoares-d9dstw0
EPISODE 03 Part 02                                                      Zbrush-Sculpting a Bust
EPISODE 03 Part 01                                                      Zbrush-Sculpting a Bust
EPISODE 02 Part 02                                                      Zbrush-Shape & Form Control
EPISODE 02 Part 01                                                      Zbrush-Shape & Form Control
EPISODE 01 Part 02                                                      Zbrush-Beginners Guide
EPISODE 01 Part 01                                                      Zbrush-Beginners Guide